How I Decide What To Read (And Write About)

There is so much out there to read. I don’t have time for it all and I especially don’t have time to sort through and find those things which are actually worth reading. On top of that, I’ve only been into SEO for the past year and a half meaning there are 15 plus years to catch up on (This obviously diminishes to some degree as information is outdated).

How have I solved this? Two ways:


I let those who do have the time to sift decide what I should read. I follow a number of industry experts, companies, and consistent bloggers who produce quality content to read. If you want to know, here are the top 5 people I regularly follow:

  1. John Doherty – @dohertyjf
  2. Inbound.org – @inboundorg
  3. Jon Cooper – @pointblankseo
  4. Danny Sullivan – @dannysullivan
  5. Elisabeth Osmeloski – @elisabethos


Sometimes, after I’ve read through everything recent in my Twitter feed and nothing else appears too enticing I need to get creative in finding more to read. What I’ve gotten into the habit of doing is very similar in principle to the above; the idea being, if someone links to it it must be important. How do I find that out? I have a hefty list of sites I’ve found to be of good quality and basically I scrape all of the blog post URLs from these sites, measure the number of links pointing at them, then I simply begin at the top reading the most popular articles and posts. (I use IMSimpler, a tool similar to Scrapebox, to pull the URLs and Majestic SEO’s tools to count backlinks.

Just a short one today, but if you enjoyed reading, follow me on Twitter: @kingstonjeffrey

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Jeff Kingston

Jeff is currently a business management student at Brigham Young University in Utah. Aside from his study of marketing, Jeff does some consulting in the subject of internet marketing and SEO at the small business and start-up level.

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